Is Technology good for Health ?

Is Technology good for Health ?

In my opinion Technology is a double edged sword. On one hand it has progressed the human race but on other hand it has caused health issues.

For example as per Ayurveda we should wake up with sun rise and sleep by sunset. There are couple of reasons behind it and one of them is that our body’s metabolism works in tandem with sunrise and sunset. Our metabolism is pretty active in the morning and daytime and gets dormant by the evening. Thus we should have heavy meals in the morning, little lighter in the afternoon and the lightest meal in the evening. Thus by sunset we should be done by our dinner. But with the invention of electricity, we have been able to stay awake longer in the night and eventually get up late in the morning. Having light or no breakfast and heavy dinner is pretty common now a days which is exactly opposite of how it should be. This has adversely affected our health and thus today’s society is suffering with many lifestyle diseases due to bad metabolism.

Another example is the invention of cars and motorbikes. It is a well known fact that walking is one of the best exercises that keeps us healthy and cycling has many benefits as well. But with luxury of cars and motorbikes we hardly walk or cycle. We are able to reach our destination faster and get the work done much faster but it is harming one’s health. Eventually we end spending time and money on medicines and hospitals.

Thus these 2 small examples give us an idea how technology has helped us moved forward but at the same time moved us away from Nature that is causing health issues.

On the other hand Technology has helped us increase in average life expectancy with modern equipments and medicines. Thats why i term Technology as a double edge sword.

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