Levigation- Bhavna Process

The ayurvedic branch of pharmaceutics known as Rasa Shastra mentions the process of Bhavana. Bhavana is a unique traditional method of transforming the raw ingredients in medicine by the levigation or wet grinding method. In this method, the powdered ingredients are wet ground with juice/decoction/solution of plant, animal, or mineral origin. This process ensures that the prepared medicine has the unique capability of affecting the physicochemical and biological properties of a drug. After the Bhavana process, the Ayurvedic medicines are augmented and show persistent action with minimal dose.

Sun Drying

Another process that sets us different from others is the Sun Drying process. At Matsyaveda, we do not use electric dryers, instead, the medicines are dried naturally under the sun. Many ancient scriptures and Vedas have mentioned the importance of the Sun as a vital source of energy for preservation. The process is completely reliant on the power of the sun and natural airflow. The process of sun drying is tedious and long, however, it enhances the potency of the medicine. We follow this process to make sure that the herbs do not lose their efficacy when subjected to artificial heat.

Power of Thought In the Healing Process

According to Ayurvedic scriptures, positive thoughts have the power to build psychological changes and fasten the healing process by strengthening the immune system, decreasing pain and relieving stress. Following the beliefs of Ayurveda, Matsyaveda also strongly agree with the theory that your thoughts have the power to accelerate healing. Apart from natural Ayurvedic formulations, we also provide consultation with Ayurvedic experts, offer Yoga training classes and Naturopathy treatments, and guide folks about the power of thought and how to maintain a healthy life by following a diet based on your body composition.