Should we let visitors come visit new born baby ?

Should we let visitors come visit new born baby ?

When babies are born, we usually have friends and family visiting both mother and baby to greet and celebrate. This sometimes can lead to illness in new born babies.

Every human body has energies, some positive and some negative. As an adult we can fight against the negative energies but a new born baby cannot. Thus new born babies can easily pick up negative energies from folks visiting. This can lead them to fall ill or get sick. Take a simple example where the visitor visiting a new born baby has cold. Now if the visitor is with the baby and he/she sneezes, the baby will be the first one to fall sick since his immune system is not fully developed.

New parents should avoid letting people meet the new born for a month atleast. If thats not possible due to practical reasons, when guest visit hospital or home we should make them seated in a different room for 15-20 mins. This will help their energies settle down and then take them to the room where the new born baby is. This way the visitors does not bring in all their energies on to the infant. This way we can help keep new born baby healthy.


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