Natural remedy for Infertility

Natural remedy for Infertility

Trying to conceive for some time, but it just doesn’t click? That’s not something unusual that we hear these days, as infertility is on a high. Erratic lifestyles, unhealthy diet choices, or stress are some of the reasons behind infertility in both men and women. There are many factors that may cause delay for you to get pregnant.

Understanding infertility

When pregnancy does not happen after 12 months or more of regular sexual intercourse (unprotected), or after 6 months of regular unprotected sexual intercourse in women of 35 years of age and above, that is when infertility is detected.

A nine-city survey in India has found that 46% of the couples who landed up at infertility clinics belonged to the prime reproductive age group of 31 to 40. It is believed that 10% of the general population suffers from some form of infertility. Given that India has a population of over 1.2 billion, the number of Indians suffering from infertility is huge. (Source: Times of India)


Causes of infertility

  • According to researchers, excessive consumption of coffee may be the reason behind reduced production of sperms at a molecular level.
  • Based on studies, consumption of vegetable oil that was exposed heat and light can cause hormonal imbalance in the reproductive system, thereby causing infertility.
  • BPA or bisphenol A (industrial compound) can be one of the reasons for infertility by damaging the ovaries.
  • Sedentary lifestyles, No physical activity, high mental stress, unhealthy diet are a big reason for infertility.


Ayurvedic remedies to treat infertility

While there are many treatments in alternative medicine, the best medicine for infertility is found in Ayurveda. It provides natural remedy to cure infertility without any side-effects.

  • Eat a diet rich with vegetables like bottle gourd, artichoke or asparagus, fruits like Indian Gooseberry or Red Raspberry, sesame, fenugreek, and other beneficial foods.
  • Ginger tea, saffron and turmeric milk at bedtime, or mix of parched rice with milk and sugar are some of the other concoctions that work a magic on your reproductive system.
  • Make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle with reduced stress and lead a happy and peaceful life.
  • Follow a regular exercise regimen with some helpful yoga poses specially for infertility.
  • Ayurvedic herbs like Shatavari, Kumkuma, Gokshura, Varahikand, etc. can be beneficial for infertility
  • You can also buy ayurvedic medicines for infertility such as MatsyaVeda Kamini-Kalp that’s 100% safe and poses no side-effects.

Following these super easy tips while you have ayurvedic medicines for infertility, can help you get over infertility and get pregnant. So, think positive and walk your way to fertility.  

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