Feeding powder milk to babies

Feeding powder milk to babies

Sometimes parents have to feed powder milk to infants and babies along with Mother’s milk. But it is discouraged to feed babies with processed milk powder since their intestines are very delicate and powder milk can cause indigestion issues and even piles. Thus a good substitute would be cow’s milk (A-2), which is suitable for delicate digestion system of infants.

Our doctors have come across multiple cases where babies who were being fed with powder milk were suffering with digestion related problems. By prescribing them pure cow’s milk, the babies benefited tremendously. You just have to make sure the cow is properly vaccinated and has been fed properly.

Also mother’s should take care of their diet. Atleast upto 1 month post delivery, they should be careful about their diet since the food will ultimately be converted into milk and go into babies system. For example mother’s should not eat spicy and oily food, else you would notice that babies consuming mother milk will have stomach ailments.


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